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Elite Military Mountaineer

2.29 usd

Welcome to the Elite Military Mountaineering Kit - the one-of-a-kind app that brings together the training and techniques, knowledge and know-how to become an elite mountaineer and do it with style. More than 1000 pages of hard-core field and training manuals, fully illustrated. This is the go-to set of information and skill building ideas for hobbyists, novices, spelunkers, climbers, expeditionary teams, basic mountaineers, assault climbers and mountain leaders that want to be the best. Regular Price 2.79 US now just 2.29!Includes 6 Training Manuals and Field Guides:
- Military Mountaineering – TC 3-97.61 (2011) complete and unabridged- Mountain Operations - FM 3-97.6 (2000) complete and unabridged- Small Unit Mountain Operations – ATTP 3-21.50 (2011) complete and unabridged- Basic Mountaineer Course and Knot Guide – US Army Mountain Warfare School - complete and unabridged- Rappel Master Handbook – National Guard - complete and unabridged- Rappelling Training Manual – TC 21-24 (2008) complete and unabridged
- Mountain Master desktop device wallpaper to bring your mobile device to new heights.
- 12 epic sound FX style Mountain Alert Sounds – perfect for the mountain climbing enthusiast’s mobile device alerts, ringtones and notification sounds - all based on sounds you hear at altitude. Plus, 2 long format epic military game-style music cues.
Elite Military Mountaineering Kit details the techniques soldiers and leaders must know in order to cope with mountainous terrain. These techniques are the foundation upon which the mountaineer must build. They must be applied to various situations encountered including river crossings, glaciers, snow-covered mountains, ice climbing, rock-climbing, rappelling, and urban vertical environments. These materials also provide basic and advanced techniques for acclimatization, illness and injury, equipment, anchors, evacuation and movement on glaciers. Elite Military Mountaineering is a comprehensive collection.
Best of all you get all this in one convenient, easy to use package. Train the same way the professional’s do. Train smart and build your mountaineering skills. Get Elite Military Mountaineering Kit today!
NO Ads - NO Spam - NO Worries.Reminder: With so many manuals, guides, sounds, and graphics this app may take several minutes to download. It's totally worth the wait! Reminder: You need Adobe PDF Reader or a PDF Viewer for this appFunction List (depending on device)-open PDF-Set image as wallpaper, desktop-Share image via email, text, bluetooth-Set sound as ringtone-Set sound as alert-Set sound as notification-Set sound for personalized contact tone-Download files, save to SD card-Share sound via email, text, bluetooth-Shuffle mode (mp3 player mode)-Repeat current; repeat all (mp3 player mode)